Making Your Nick Blue


You can make your nick blue by making a financial contribution to vinagames. The bluenick is a recognition of your contribution in making the games available for all to have fun. Please click on one of the following links to learn more about bluenicks.

Bluenick Benefits:

With a bluenick, you are specially recognized. Here are some features that make a bluenick different:

  1. Your nick is blue in the user list and in the table list
  2. Your nick in your chat messages will be in a different color from regular nick
  3. Your accounts are not reset when you are not playing for 4 months
  4. Your nick is not deleted when you are away for a long time
  5. More icons are available to you. You don't have to restrict yourself to the 20 common icons only.
  6. When you play with other bluenicks, you can bet twice as much as the maximum bet normal players can play, and even more in special tables when everyone has enough game money.
  7. You can help other players to increase their maximum bets by 50% by just playing with them.
  8. You never have to worry about running out of game money. You can always play the maximum bet with normal players. You may not be able to play with the very good players when your game money is too low, though.
  9. You can play lottery at twice the bet available to normal players.
  10. You will not be restricted to play with only roughly equal skill (or richness) players.
  11. The server will give you extra game money for card games. All your current card game accounts will be added $2M if you sign up bluenick for 6 months, $5M for 1 year, $10M for 2 years.

Bluenick Price:

You can have a bluenick for 6 months for $12 USD, 1 year for $20 USD, 2 years for $30 USD. If you are to play at vinagames everyday, the fee is much smaller than the fun you enjoy at vinagames! It is much less than your internet access fee, yet, it would ensure that vinagames is available for you to enjoy in the future.

If you have two accounts, or would like to make your friend account a bluenick also, the additional account can be bluenick with 80% of the contribution for the first nick. The two bluenicks must be obtained in one single order. If you buy many accounts, you will get a discount on every even one, for example, if you buy 5 nicks at once, 3 would be at normal price, and 2 would be at discount price.

Please note that if you already have a bluenick and buy a bluenick again, the expiration date will be extended appropriately.


Game Money:

The more game money you have, the more you can play. You can increase one game money $20M for $20 USD, $40M for $30 USD, $80M for $50 USD, $200M for $100 USD. You can increase 3 different game moneys instead of just one. In this case, you get $10M for $20USD, $20M for $30 USD, $40M for $50 USD, $100M for $100 USD.

If you make an order for 2 nicks at once, you get a similar discount as with bluenick. In particular, you can increase one game money for 2 nicks $20M for $36 USD, $40M for $54 USD, $80M for $90 USD, $200M for $180 USD. For 3 different game moneys for 2 nicks, you get $10M for $36 USD, $20M for $54 USD, $40M for $90 USD, $100M for $180 USD.

Please keep in mind that Vinagames is not a gambling website. You cannot exchange game money back into real money. If you want a different amount of game money, please contact


Ordering Information:

You can send us a check or money order payable to Vinagames to the following address:
   12436 FM 1960 West #229
   Houston, TX 77065

Our bank only accept checks/money orders in US dollars.

Please be sure to write your vinagames nickname(s) either on the check or in a small piece of paper sent together with your check. You can optionally write down your email in the check if you wish to be notified via email when we receive your mail.

Once you have sent the mail, you could send your name, your check or money order number, where you send your mail from, and the date you expect us to receive your mail to bluenicks@vinagames.comWe will make your nick blue temporarily for 7 days while waiting for your mail to arrive *.

For more information regarding obtaining money order, please click here.


Refund Policy:

Purchases are non-refundable. If you wish to modify or cancel an order you must contact us within 24 hours of purchase.



Please make sure to save the confirmation email that is sent to you after you make a payment. You can send this confirmation to us at as a proof of your payment. Also send us an email at or call us at 713-568-7976 if you have further questions.

Please note that all members, including bluenick members, must follow's Terms of Service. Accounts in violation are terminated regardless of being a bluenick or not. Vinagames account and bluenick status are non-transferable. If the bluenick order is canceled due to creditcard or check fraud, the nick will be automatically suspended. You will be subjected to prosecution.


*We reserve the rights to deny free temporary bluenick to anyone for any or no reason.
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