Are you new to Vinagames?

If you are new to user, the information in this page may be useful to you. You can find out how to create an account, how to login to vinagames, and how to trouble shoot common problems that new users often encounter.

About Vinagames

You can play chinese poker, tienlen, xito, gomoku, big2, domino, catte, and xidach at Vinagames. These multi-players games, especially tienlen, chinese poker, domino, and xito, are very popular to Vietnamese. If you like these games, you will enjoy playing at Vinagames!

Creating an account

Before you can play, you need to create an account for yourself. Vinagames account is free. You will need a working email to create an account. If you don't have an email account, you could register for one, say from

There are two steps in the vinagames registration. You first need to fill out the registration form. An activation code will be sent to your email, with which you can activate your account. Once activated, the account is ready for you to use.

Playing for the first time

Once you have created an account, you can use it to login. Enter the account and password in the form in the front page, and click on the button Login. Then, select one of the games and click on either JavaPlay or WebPlay button to play. For more information, click on General Info link for general instruction, and click on a game instruction to learn more about how to play that game.

JavaPlay or WebPlay

There are two different clients that you can use to play at Vinagames, both work almost the same way. For most users who use a reasonably modern browser, WebPlay client should be used. If you use Windows XP, Internet Explorer in your computer may be very outdated, and WebPlay client would not work on this browser. In that case, you may want to download the latest version of Mozzila Firefox or Google Chrome browser to play.

If your have Java installed on your computer and your browser supports plugin, you can use the JavaPlay option. Install Java in your computer first and use a browser supporting plugin such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari to see this option. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome currently do not support plugin, and as the result JavaPlay client is not available on these browsers even if Java has been installed in your computer.

Trouble shooting

If you have a problem, please click on one of the following links that best describe it. Answers to many common problems (not just registration problems) could be found in the Server Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you still cannot solve the problem, please visit the Help Forum and post your problem. Chances are someone have encountered the same problem and could offer you a way to solve it.

I created an account (a while ago) but the server says my account does not exist. Why?
If you create an account but do not activate it within 7 days, the account will be removed. For an account that has already been activated, if you do not play for 4 months, its scores will be reset back to that of a new account, and if you do not login for 6 months, the account will be removed. Once removed, an account would be available for other people to create.
My zipcode is said to be invalid. What should I do?
Try a zipcode that is near by. New zipcodes (a few years old) may not yet be in the database.
I don't know my zipcode. What is a zipcode anyway?
Zipcode is for users in the United States (US) only. If you are not in the US, select "No" for form entry "In the United States."
I do not receive the activation code? What should I do?
It may take some time for the activation code to arrive to your mail box. You may have to wait for at a few hours. If you want to request the activation code again, you can enter your email in the following page. There may also be some chance that you misspell your email account. In that case, you need to correct the email before you can request the activation code. Please check the next question.
I did not receive an activation code because I entered my email incorrectly. How do I activate my account?
You can first login with your account. If your account has not been activated yet, you can request the server to send you a new activation code to a different email using this page this page.
I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
You can enter your email in the following page.
I do not receive the activation code. My account is said to be already activated. What's wrong?
The account has already been activated. You don't have to activate the account, and no activation code is needed. You can simply login with your account to play.
I am under 13 years of age. May I register?
Not at this moment. US federal regulation requires Vinagames to obtain the permission from minor's parents/guardians. You are recommended to ask your parents to register, and you can then use your parents' account.
How do I protect my account from unauthorized usage?
You are strongly encourage to use a hard to guess password. You should also protect your email from unauthorized access, as your Vinagames' password could be sent there. If someone has your password, he/she could modify your account information and deny you access to your account.
The game window does not show up when I click on Play. What's wrong?
Hold down "Ctrl" key then press on Play. Your browser may block pop-up windows, which prevent the game window from appearing.
The game window is blank. What's wrong?
You probably don't have Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed. Vinagames software is written in Java, and you will need a JVM in your computer. To check to make sure that your computer has Java, please visit this page.
My browser does not have java virtual machine (JVM) installed. Where could I download one?
You could download java from here:
I couldn't play. I saw a message saying "Connection failed". What's wrong?
It is most likely that you are behind a firewall. A firewall is often created by your company (but sometimes, by your government) to limit your access to the internet. It is also possible that your network is just bad. In that case, try to login again later.
I keep getting "reconnected". What's wrong?
Your network connection may be poor or there maybe some network outage in the internet backbone. It could also happen if you are using some bandwidth demanding software (say downloading movie) or if you unknowingly have virus/malware in your computer.
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